About Yoga


Yoga helps you to feel alive and energized, as well as more in control and calm.

It gives you the tools you need and can use anywhere, through poses and breath work.

Treat yourself to Yoga with Nancy and feel happier and healthier in your life. 

 Teaching Yoga comes from Nancy’s heart and she hopes to inspire you while having fun!

Nancy is a certified yoga instructor and Urban Zen Integrative Therapist who has taught the very young, the very old and everyone in between.

 She has taught in libraries, schools, studios and far-away places.

Some of her favorite students have been at an assisted living center, where the average age was 80!

She loves teaching children, hearing them shout out Sanskrit words she teaches, and enjoys beginner students who are thrilled at standing on one foot and feeling like the most beautiful tree in the forest.

She is encouraged by all students and wants people to know they can bring yoga into their lives, off their mats.

For instance, we can use mountain pose, Tadasana, while waiting on line to purchase groceries, and feel a sense of calm and presence, instead of wishing we were elsewhere.

Yoga is something you take with you -- it’s our gift to ourselves and others.

Feel Balanced and Stress Free by doing Yoga with Nancy.

"Yoga off the mat" is what we long to know.

Learn something in class and carry that practice to your world, everywhere you go.